The following news items have been accumulated from owners and veterinarians from various news agencies. VetStem wants you to remember that like with other treatment options, not all pets respond to VetStem cell therapy. Approximately 25% of dogs treated for arthritis had no improvement in quality of life according to voluntary owner surveys.

Pet owners should discuss appropriateness of treatment for their pet including potential complications of surgery, potential outcomes, a comprehensive treatment plan and associated costs with their veterinarian prior to treatment. A checklist of points to consider can be found here to take to your veterinarian.

2024-03-01 - Regenerative Medicine and the Veterinary Technician: A Quick Guide to PRP and Stem Cell Therapy

2024-02-01 - Platelet-Rich Plasma and Stem Cells: How Biologics Work Together

2023-10-01 - Veterinary Allogeneic Platelet-Rich Plasma: Safety Overview

2023-09-01 - PRP Therapeutics: Common Indications and Dosing

2023-08-01 - Platelet-Rich Plasma: The Importance of Uniformity and Consistency

2018-03-01 - Veterinary Practice News Article - Stem cell therapy in immune-mediated disease

2018-02-01 - Veterinary Practice News Article - Stem cell and platelet therapy in chronic severe septic osteoarthritis of the canine stifle

2018-01-01 - Veterinary Practice News Article - Pain relief and stem cell therapy

2017-12-01 - Veterinary Practice News Article - How platelet therapy fits into clinical regenerative medicine

2017-11-01 - Veterinary Practice News Article - Equine exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage: Clinical research preliminary findings

2017-10-01 - Veteterinary Practice News Article - Evidence 101: Stem cell therapy mechanisms of action

2017-06-13 - Severely Abused Dog helped with VetStem Cell Therapy

2015-11-11 - Retiring K9 Jago took a bite out of crime

2015-09-17 - Bleeding Study Seeks 100 Performance Horses

2015-02-14 - Alternative treatments for pets a new business for veterinarians

2015-02-12 - Stem cells regenerative medicine vs. hip surgery in pets

2015-02-12 - A dog's torn ACL, mended by stem cells

2014-06-13 - Aratana Therapeutics licenses new stem cell therapy for arthritis in dogs

2014-05-25 - Veterinarian clinic offers alternative


2013-10-25 - Nicollet County K-9 Update

2013-10-14 - Nicollet County canine cop to receive innovative stem cell treatment

2013-10-05 - Pet Stem Cells - Sarah's Success Story

2013-07-03 - Stem Cells: New Therapy for Old Diseases

2013-06-27 - Vet says stem cells brought about "amazing" turnaround for local dog

2013-04-11 - Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy - A New Way to Heal

2012-11-09 - Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy Covered by Pets Best Insurance!

2012-07-01 - Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapy for Severe Muscle Tears

2012-05-07 - Adipose-derived stem cell collection and characterization in bottlenose dolphins

2012-02-29 - Time Magazine Article - Stem-Cell Therapy for Pets

2011-12-30 - Groundbreaking Veterinary Discoveries That Revolutionized 2011

2011-11-17 - Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy - The Horse Magazine

2011-11-02 - Partnering Science With a Panther

2011-11-01 - AMC stem cell study to investigate intra-arterial injection for kidney disease

2011-11-01 - My Dog Sheba's Amazing Progress with Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy

2011-10-31 - Dogs and Treatment Options for Hip Dysplasia

2011-10-03 - What is stem cell therapy?

2011-09-15 - Panther From Tallahassee Museum Undergoes Groundbreaking Procedure

2011-08-24 - Stem cell treatment...on a dog!

2011-06-01 - Cottage Dog Magazine: Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs - Breakthrough treatment now available in Canada

2011-05-27 - Stem Cell Therapy Gives Dogs New Pep in Their Step.

2011-05-12 - Popular Science Magazine: Stem-Cell Therapy Works Wonders for Race Horses; Are Human Treatments Next?


2011-02-14 - He's part of the family

2011-01-29 - Texas Teen Makes Habit of Winning

2010-09-27 - Stem Cells are not Horseplay. From

2010-09-12 - Stem cell treatment puts Dasty back in the crime-fighting business

2010-08-10 - article about a Vet-Stem treated dog who is hunting again

2010-08-05 - Horse owner becomes major UC Davis donor based on experience with Vet-Stem

2010-06-25 - Newsweek article about Vet-Stem Sept 2007

2010-03-18 - Vet-Stem Announces Office of Naval Research Contract

2010-01-26 - Times Union - Stem cell treatments offer relief to arthritic animals

2009-08-10 - Ben Ealing, DVM has success treating dogs with stem cell therapy

2009-05-29 - Scott Hufnagle, DVM in the Philadelphia Business Journal

2009-05-11 - American Quarter Horse Racing Journal highlights Vet-Stem & Tendon Repair

2009-03-24 - Adam Gassel, DVM, DACVS & David Gordon, DVM in the OC Register

2008-11-19 - Lillian Rizzo, DVM, DACVS featured on ABC affiliate KPNX

2008-11-08 - Keith Bailey, DVM Releases a Vet-Stem Press Release

2008-09-23 - Holisitic Healthcare/Stem Cell Treatments for Dogs on

2008-09-21 - David Shuman, DVM helps a Bernese Mountain dog with Stem Cells

2008-09-14 - Dr. Bridget Bloom provides a 6 month update on Dasha Ogle

2008-09-03 - Tracy Lord, DVM Explains Stem Cell Therapy

2008-09-02 - Melanie Sumney, VMD featured in the New Castle News

2008-08-30 - Richard Bressman, DVM featured in Treasure Coast Palm

2008-07-24 - Robert Harman, DVM, MPVM, CEO of Vet-Stem hosts Café San Diego

2008-07-20 - Timothy McCarthy, DVM, PhD, DACVS in Medical News Today

2008-07-16 - Jeff Peck, DVM recently featured in The Charleston Post & Courier

2008-07-16 - Maggie Mae & Jeff Peck, DVM profiled on Ivanhoe News

2008-07-07 - LA Times features Dr. Kathy Mitchener

2008-06-18 - UK newspaper, The Guardian, highlights Vet-Stem

2008-06-16 - Sam Szabo's update in the New York Post

2008-05-28 - features Dr. Richard Freedman

2008-05-27 - Dr. Richard Freedman on CBS affiliate WCAV

2008-05-24 - Dr. Tim McCarthy featured on

2008-05-21 - Dr. Kathy Mitchener highlighted in The Memphis Daily News

2008-05-20 - Vet-Stem Therapy: Interview with Dr. Timothy McCarthy

2008-05-16 - Dr. James Schuessler featured in St. Louis West County Journal

2008-05-11 - Dr. Eric Hartelius & Dr. Bridget Bloom are featured in New York's Times Herald-Record

2008-05-08 - Dr. Jacek de Haan gives arthritic dog stem-cell therapy

2008-05-06 - Oregon Tribune features Dr. Michael Morrow & Vet-Stem

2008-05-05 - Dr. Tom Boekbinder believes stem cells are a safer alternative to joint replacement

2008-05-03 - Saving Your Pet's Life -Dr. Gaynor brings in patients from around the country

2008-05-02 - highlights Vet-Stem advancements!

2008-04-30 - 4 The Love of Animals features Vet-Stem

2008-04-27 - Dr. Pamela Schwartz featured in The New York Post

2008-04-21 - Stem-cell breakthroughs explained by Dr. Mike Anderson

2008-04-17 - Dr. Tracy Jenkins helps heal husky in Levelland, TX

2008-04-16 -'s guide to Veterinary Medicine

2008-04-15 - Levelland, Texas Dog Healed By Stem Cells

2008-03-13 - Stem cells ease pain of horses and dogs

2008-02-13 - Vet-Stem featured in USA Today

2008-01-23 - Dogs Get Stem Cell Therapy

2008-01-21 - Vet-Stem on Martha Stewart Radio!!

2008-01-09 - Vet-Stem on Nightline News!

2008-01-07 - Orange County Register Article on Vet-Stem

2007-11-30 - Greg's Gold Running in the Vernon O. Underwood Stakes

2007-11-11 - Treating animals without steroids

2007-10-18 - The skinny on fat as a medical therapy

2007-10-17 - Vet-Stem featured in The Oregonian

2007-10-08 - Dr. Bob Harman featured guest speaker on Martha Stewart Living Radio

2007-10-03 - Vet-Stem treats Police Dog

2007-09-13 - Help for Hounds

2007-08-29 - Vet-Stem Featured on ABC News

2007-08-22 - Vet-Stem Credentialed User Course in San Francisco!

2007-07-24 - Vet-Stem Credentialed User Course

2007-05-12 - Vet-Stem Regenerative Stem Cell Medicine Is Now Available for Dogs!

2007-02-07 - Vet-Stem CEO to Give Key Lecture at World Stem Cell Congress