by Joey Turner

2014-02-28 -- (CATS AND DOGS/PET CARE) Does your pet need specialized treatment that isn't offered at your local vet's office? If so, consider consulting a veterinary specialist about your pet's needs.

Vet specialists typically work in university settings or specialty practices, so be prepared to travel if your pet needs advanced treatment. Read on to learn about some of the procedures that are now available.

Every veterinarian offers basic care such as vaccinations, neuter surgery, and parasite control. But today, just as in human medicine, veterinary specialties offer modern techniques that go "beyond the basics."

Stem Cell Therapies Vet-Stem Regenerative Medicine employs a concentrated form of adult stem cells derived from the pet's own fat tissue to treat tendon, ligament, and arthritic conditions of horses and dogs. The veterinarian collects about two tablespoons of fat from the patient, which is shipped to the laboratory in San Diego, California. Once processed, the stem cells are shipped back to the veterinarian in ready-to-inject syringes, and the stem cell treatment is injected directly into the injured site. Any extra can be stored at the Vet-Stem Bank for future treatments.

Research has led to new diagnostic tools, new surgical procedures, new prevention options, and new uses for existing or novel drugs. These innovative veterinary options not only save lives but also extend a pet's longevity and improve the overall quality of life. And that's just doggone good for everyone!

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