Scott Hufnagle, DVM in the Philadelphia Business Journal

2009-05-29 -- Pet stem cell therapy has no connection to the controversy sparked by the use of embryonic stem cells. The therapy involves adult animal stem cells, similar to the way human adult stem cells are used in bone marrow transplants.

The Vet-Stem process works as follows: First, a veterinarian makes a small incision in the animal to retrieve a fat tissue sample. The sample is sent by express mail to Vet-Stem’s offices in Poway, Calif., where lab workers extract the stem cells, load a concentrated solution of the cells into a syringe and ship the syringe back to the veterinarian’s office.

The syringe is injected into the injured joint or tissue area, where the animal’s own immune stem coaxes the undifferentiated stem cells to morph into healing cells that fight inflammation and reconstruct damaged tissue.

The process can be used to treat fractures, torn ligaments, bowed tendons and joint diseases.

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