Investor Inquiries

VetStem is a privately held company with a portfolio of intellectual property centered around Regenerative Veterinary Medicine®. We have a service laboratory and also three FDA drug development programs for universal cell “off-the-shelf” stem cell products.

Human Stem Cell Therapy

VetStem has long been a leader in veterinary stem cell manufacturing with clinical, regulatory and manufacturing experience. In October, 2018, VetStem authorized the formation of Personalized Stem Cells, Inc (“PSC”), a human adipose stem cell company. VetStem has licensed to PSC its stem cell patents, data and FDA filings to launch into human stem cell clinical therapy. PSC will conduct a series of FDA-IND approved clinical trials starting with uses in orthopedics. With one of the first cGMP cell manufacturing facilities in California, VetStem will be the contract manufacturer of stem cells for use in these Phase I human studies by the PSC network of human physician investigators.

VetStem is currently raising a round of financing for completing its final pivotal clinical study for its FDA canine osteoarthritis product and for European regulatory applications. Interested private investors may call or email to inquire about current investment opportunities.

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