Patent Information

The following is a list of patents owned by VetStem . There are a number of pending patents in the United States and abroad in addition to these issued patents. VetStem has also licensed a number patents from the University of California and University of Pittsburgh for its use in regenerative medicine. This listed is not all inclusive and is current as of 1/1/2019.

Patent Number Country
2,366,078 Canada
1678295 B1 France
1678295 B1 Germany
151,228 Israel
597,965 New Zealand
1678295 B1 United Kingdom
9,453,202 US
7,078,230 US
7,582,292 US
6,555,374 US
9,200,255 US
6,429,013 US
8,048,673 US
8,911,994 US
7,470,537 US