Aratana Therapeutics licenses new stem cell therapy for arthritis in dogs

Kansas City Business Journal

2014-06-13 -- Aratana Therapeutics Inc. has licensed a new stem cell therapy that it plans to develop to treat osteoarthritis in dogs.

The agreement grants the Kansas City, Kan., animal health company the exclusive rights to commercialize the therapy from Vet-Stem Inc., a California veterinary regenerative medicine company.

Vet-Stem, according to a release, pioneered a process in which fat tissue is harvested from a patient before stem cells are isolated and then reintroduced back into that patient. The company also has developed a technology in which a single donor sample can be used to generate doses that can be stored and used to treat a number of patients.

Aratana licensed that therapy, which it will test for safety and efficacy in treating osteoarthritis in dogs. "As we continue to build our pipeline, we have made a clear strategic investment in the high-need area of pain management for our pets," Aratana CEO Steven St. Peter said in a statement.

"We therefore are pleased to expand our pain franchise further by adding an allogeneic, regenerative cell therapy product, which in addition to its aim of reducing the pain of osteoarthritis, has the potential to impact the progression of the disease, and to promote tissue regeneration. We will examine this phenomenon in planned studies, which could result in product labeling that specifies disease-modifying properties."

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