VetStem Regenerative Cells – Key Safety Factors:

  • Autologous (from the patient back to the same patient): Tissue reaction risk is minimized
  • Minimally manipulated: Cells are not differentiated or modified
  • Accurate determination of each dose
  • Quality assessment of each dose
  • VetStem employs stringent processing protocols and quality control methods
  • Hundreds of publications support the safety of autologous cell therapy in animals
  • Reported canine adverse reaction rate is 0.1%
  • Reported equine adverse reaction rate is 0.2%
  • Reported feline adverse reaction rate is 0.3%

Pet owners should discuss appropriateness of treatment for their pet including potential complications of surgery, potential outcomes, a comprehensive treatment plan, and associated costs with their veterinarian prior to treatment. A checklist of points for dog and cat owners to consider can be found here.