Stem Cell Clinical Trials for our Human Friends with OA

Picture of a platelet therapy kit

Since 2003, VetStem has been providing treatments for animals: Over 17,000 treatments for 30 difference species. Last year, the constant requests and pressure from veterinary colleagues and pet owners convinced our team to spin out a human stem cell company to provide relief and hope to humans that have watched the veterinary successes.

We have launched Personalized Stem Cells, Inc. so you can be “treated like a dog”! PSC has launched its first FDA-approved clinical trial with many more planned. We invite you to visit our sister company’s website and learn if you or your friends might be eligible for this clinical trial and receive your own adipose stem cells in a formal and approved FDA clinical trial.

Enjoy the life
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a dog

Visit Personalized Stem Cells and see the future of medicine.