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VetStem is excited to share our evidence-based Small Animal Regenerative Veterinary Medicine Courses, presented in video format with extensive information on stem cell therapy as well as select cases from VetStem client veterinarians.

APPLY NOW for the VetStem Small Animal Regenerative Veterinary Medicine Courses! The courses are free, educational, and Veterinarians and licensed technicians earn up to four (4) RACE Approved Continuing Education Credits. VetStem processes a sample of your patient’s fat to provide stem cells for the treatment of arthritis and tendon and ligament injuries in dogs, horses, and cats.

The VetStem Credentialing Course is valuable for small animal and equine veterinarians and takes about 2 hours to complete. Once you begin, you can complete a module as you have the time available. There are 4 modules in the course. This course provides 3 RACE Approved Continuing Education Credits.

Regenerative Medicine and the Feline Patient is an optional one hour course designed to cover the basics about stem cell therapy in veterinary medicine and how it may be applied to feline medicine. This course provides 1 RACE Approved Continuing Education Credit.

After your Credentialing Course Application is approved (practicing U.S., Canada Veterinarian, or Veterinary Technician) you will receive an email within one business day with a link to the online courses (NOTE: Please check spam folder if you have not received an email within 24 hours).

If you are a veterinarian in a country not listed above then you may apply for an account and take the courses for a $225 fee.

Please fill out the application with your complete practice contact information as you would want a client to see it. After completing the VetStem Credentialing Course and with your permission, we will refer potential stem cell clients to your practice.

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For veterinarians that have a login and password and need to complete the course or for veterinarians who are credentialed and would like to learn the newest information on Regenerative Veterinary Medicine® (also receive 3 new CE credits).

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For veterinarians who have completed the credentialing course, this site has forms, literature references, and additional training resources available.