Stem Cell Services for Veterinarians

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Adipose Tissue Processing

Verified safe and effective method of providing autologous stem cells for injection.

Day 1
Fat Collection
Day 2
Process and Quality Check the Stem Cells
Day 3

Dose Banking

VetStem stores extra therapeutic doses of stem cells for future use as well as storing a retention sample for potential future culturing.

Banked Dose Processing

Banked doses are carefully processed, quality assessed, and shipped to the veterinarian for treatment within 24 hours of request. No need for an additional surgical adipose collection.

Cell Culturing

Cell culturing provides additional doses of cells for a lifetime of stem cells from only one fat collection procedure.

Client Referrals

VetStem provides pet and horse owners with contact information for VetStem Credentialed/Authorized veterinarians when requested.

VetStem Benefits

  • Experience with over 16,000 animals treated
  • Efficacy shown in blinded controlled studies in horse and dog
  • Rigid quality control of each dose
  • No capital investment or equipment maintenance
  • Personalized support from our Veterinary, Marketing, and Customer Service Staff