VetStem Cell Therapy for Arthritis in Dogs & Cats

If your dog or cat has arthritis then you should consider VetStem Cell Therapy.

What Results Have Dog Owners Reported?

Is Your Dog on Pain Medication?

Pet owners should discuss appropriateness of treatment for their pet and associated costs with a VetStem credentialed veterinarian. A checklist of points for dog and cat owners to consider can be found here.

For a letter to take to your veterinarian describing how they can become trained in VetStem Regenerative Cell Therapy® click here.

StemInsure® For Dogs

Store Stem Cells Now, Use Stem Cells in the Future. Click here.

Stem Cell Therapy in Development

VetStem is currently evaluating the use of stem cells for treatment of:

VetStem believes there are certain applications where stem cells may not be appropriate. These include:

  • Cancer
  • Systemic infection