Dog & Cat Success Stories

Rascal - Arthritis in hip and knee

Rascal was rescued from a local shelter at the approximate age of 2 in 2008. He is a Heinz 57 mixed breed. Six weeks after we adopted him, he tore his ACL. At the age of 9 he started having trouble jumping into our van. His leg was locking and we could tell he was walking stiffly. We tried laser treatments and meds, but we could tell he was in pain. Our vet, Dr. Deborah Fegan of Big Creek Hospital in Berea, Ohio, recommended stem cell infusion to help him now and in the future. She diagnosed him with arthritis not only in the knee, but in the hip as well. Since Rascal had lost his eye earlier in 2017, we wanted to do everything we could to give him quality of life and a pain free existence. In March, 2018, Dr. Fegan performed the stem cell infusion. Rascal had a wonderful response to this treatment. He started walking more easily, and you could tell he was feeling better. He has started to jump back into the van. We noticed a steady improvement through the next six months. He went from sleeping a lot during the day to a renewed interest in life. Rascal began to play and challenge his newly adopted 1 and a half year old lab brother. They run around outside and have a great time. His brother Toby might be quicker, but Rascal is right there to have fun with him. Besides the obvious success of the treatment in terms of his former ACL injury and hip arthritis, we are thrilled that other areas of arthritis in his body have been helped as well. He has always been laid back and enjoys his time watching the world go by. But you can just tell that he is feeling great, enjoying his life and living pain free. We are thankful, as always, to our veterinarian, Dr. Fegan who suggested and performed this infusion. We love our animals dearly and are delighted at the outcome of this treatment. Years from now our lab might need the same treatment. We would not hesitate to give him the same chance to lead a vibrant, energetic, active life