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Gabby - Partially Torn Cruciate Ligament and Arthritis

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Gabby tore her left cruciate ligament and had surgery in August of 2016. During recovery of that surgery, she partially tore the right cruciate. In October of 2017, she was not bearing weight on her right knee at all. However, Dr. Tate decided that surgery would not help the right knee because both knees have developed severe arthritis and swelling. I had noticed a huge decrease in Gabby's energy, alertness, and overall attitude. Gabby had stem cell treatment in both knees on November 8, 2017. Within 5 days I noticed a difference in her alertness. She wasn't having as much trouble jumping on the couch and bed, and she was no longer limping as severely. At her 30-day recheck with Dr. Tate, I noticed an improvement in Gabby's energy. She was more willing to play. She was starting back to old habits, like barking outside and begging at the dinner table. By 60 days post-treatment, Gabby was actually sitting-something she hadn't done in over a year. She was play bowing, sleeping less, initiating play with my other dogs, and appeared to have full use of her right leg. At 90 days, I told Dr. Tate that I felt like Gabby was 5 years younger. She barks at me to get up in the morning just so she can play. She runs through the yard. She is able to jump on her hind legs. She even jumped over the ledge that divides my dining room and living room which is about 3 feet high! I don't see her lay on the floor and whine like she had done previously. She is able to lay sternally, and get up quicker. I truly believe Gabby's overall quality of life has improved immensely from this treatment.