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Ruger- Arthritis in both stifles (knees)

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Ruger was not even 4 yrs old, when he started limping and holding up his right leg. The vet said hip dysplasia, arthritis in both rear knees. He prescribed 100mg Carprofen then Gabapentin, saw no improvement in pain level in his eyes. I read about the pills and did not like the dim future for our beloved Lab. Looking for a different answer I found VetStem Biopharma, contacted them on 3/01/17. VetStem gave us the number for North Idaho Animal Hospital in Sandpoint ID with Dr. Robert Pierce, we made an appointment for 3/21/17 for consultation and exam. Dr. Pierce said Ruger was a perfect candidate, made an appointment for surgery on 3/27/17. The xrays showed his hips were good and the lateral spine appeared great. As suspected, the right rear knee is very arthritic. The left knee is mildly so. This made his decision easier regarding the stem cells. He received a dose in each knee and one for a IV injection. Dr. Pierce wanted us to take him really slow, leash walks, no running or playing for at least a week or more so the stem cells can do their job. It was all a success, we kept him as quiet as we could, noticed no limping, or pain. Thanks to VetStem, North Idaho Animal Hospital, Dr. Pierce and his caring staff, we now have our beautiful smiling Ruger back and no pain filled eyes. We started taking him on spring Utv rides using a ramp to load an unload him to keep any stress off his knees. All his Lab friends were glad to see him back swimming, running gently and feeling all around happier. Mid summer our nephew noticed his muscle definition was showing in his right knee as last summer his limping and not using it, he had none. Everyone is very impressed with VetStem Therapy and how its helped with a heart breaking condition. Giving us back our beloved fur baby! On Sept 17th Dr. Pierce stared weaning him off the NSAIDS and at this time they are all but gone. Thank you VetStem, Dr.Pierce and his wonderful staff. Would we do it again? In a heartbeat!