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Sheldon - bilateral elbow arthritis

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As a young Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Sheldon had a limp. An active pup who suddenly didn't want to go on walks, he started to get depressed. His limp would come and go, and he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis when he was about a year and a half. Sheldon was in pain after long walks and unable to play with his buddy, Sabine, so we contacted Dr. Landry at Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital. He specializes in pain management and recommended Stem Cell Therapy and other pain management supplements. At age 3, Sheldon had VetStem Cell Therapy on both of his front elbows. Living on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, Sheldon embraces the "mountain dog" part of his heritage. He lives for fishing in the stream with his dad, chasing butterflies in the meadows and finding free range bones in the woods. Almost immediately after recovery, he was like a new dog, able to embrace his favorite activities once again. His energy level increased and he wanted to play all the time. With little to no pain, we cut back on his pain pills and he enjoys lounging on the couch, stealing laundry, and wrestling in the snow with Sabine. We have our mischievous Sheldon back.