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Baxter - severe arthritis in his hocks (ankles)

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Baxter had severely arthritic hocks and he was only 1 year old. Luckily his veterinarian Dr. Joey Yazer suggested stem cell therapy. Baxter was in real pain, he would sit down a lot during walks, it was really hard for him to get up from laying down and very often had to help him to stand up, trouble with stairs, could not jump on the couch to lay with the other dogs. After the first stem cells when he was two, he improved a lot, but the vet suggested to do it again a few months later, which we did and he started to improve more and kept on improving. Now he participates in normal walks, jumps on the couch and no more trouble getting up. It is so great to see him without pain and to have a normal life and enjoy his beach walks. His fur changed too, for the better. He is a healthy,lovely and sweet boy who can enjoy life now without pain. Thank you all, forever grateful, Baxter's Mom