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Maka - issues with all fours

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"Maka is going to be 14, and has had a lot of things wrong with him. His back leg was broken when he was 9 months old and he had elbow dysplasia surgery on both front legs. In December he tore his ACL in his one, good, back leg. Along with the arthritis in his legs he could barely walk.

By May he started having a hard time getting up, he could hardly walk and I thought about doing the ACL surgery. Dr. Sloan told me about stem cell therapy. My theory was 'I can pay for one leg to get fixed (ACL surgery) or try stem cells and maybe help all of his legs.'

Since stem cell therapy Maka's attitude is happier, he is walking better, and I don't have to help him down his ramps outside. The difference is unbelievable!

He plays, he walks, he is still slow, but he walks without help. He only takes one pain pill a day, versus three to four times a day. We are very happy with the outcome. Dr. Sloan and Vet-Stem gave me my dog back." - Maka's owner