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Abby - quality of life for a hip dysplasia diagnosis

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"I have been training bird dogs most of my life. Abby was the easiest dog that I have ever trained. She was competing and placing in field trials at the early age of 9 months old. She is very smart, beautiful, always happy, and my constant companion.

When the family discovered she had HD we did extensive research to determine what would be best for Abby's future. Our goal was to provide her with the quality of life she so deserved, and why not, she had certainly given us some of our happiest days. Our decision was stem cell therapy, and not once have we regretted the choice we made. She is pain free, happy, and loves to still go out in the field with me and our other two companions. Although she brings up the rear in the field, she finds ways of finding and pointing birds that the other faster working dogs miss.

I have had many dogs but, believe me, she is special. She is simply a light in our lives, and we love her dearly." - Tom and Family