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Ruby - arthritis in both hips

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Ruby was in constant pain and discomfort from arthritis in her hips. She had to be carried up stairs and could not go on car rides; her second favorite thing to do. Her quality of life was diminishing rapidly and we thought we were losing her. Palpation of her hips revealed bone-on-bone clicking that another veterinarian informed us would need a total hip replacement.

After a second opinion with Dr. Jamie Gaynor at Frisco Animal Hospital, Ruby's owners were ecstatic to report, "Ruby is back! She has regained her playfulness, sassy, bossy collie attitude. She has resumed going for car rides and can stand up and stabilize herself. She jumps out of the car without hesitation. She ascends stairs like she used to."

Her entire disposition and expressions are so animated and relaxed. I forgot how she used to smile, hold her ears up high and have endless energy. She is definitely out of pain and her mobility is at 80%!

The best part is that she continues to heal and get stronger each week. This procedure is hands down the most effective, least traumatic therapy available, especially for older dogs. Thank you for doing what you do! - Karen and Dave