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Rusty - ligament injury

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"Rusty tore his ACL. I don't know how. He never limped. He just slowed down."

"Rusty loved to run and play hard with his dog friends. We also walked a few miles a day. Suddenly he didn't want to do any of those things. We went to Dr. Steiger at Garden City Park Animal Hospital. She described both surgery and stem cell therapy. It seemed to me the stem cell therapy was much less invasive."

"The hardest part of his stem cell therapy was keeping him quiet and calm during the recovery process. Once Rusty felt better he wanted to go crazy. He ran a few laps in the hard when I took his leash off; I never did that again!"

"Rusty healed wonderfully and is back to doing all the things he enjoys. One huge advantage to Vet-Stem cell therapy is he has stored stem cells that I know work!" -Karen