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Deuce - tendon and ligament damage to both hocks from an old injury

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Deuce had tendon and ligament damage to both hocks caused from an old injury. After any form of activity, i.e. walk, run, swim, he had trouble walking and standing. He required pain medication to get around on most days. The first few weeks after stem cells he was like a one year old puppy. Running and jumping around with no issues.

He has very few sore days, only if he does a big activity, and I have not seen him stiff or lame in a few months. He is now three months out (of the stem cell treatment) with full activity. He can run and swim fine with reasonable recovery time. Only if he pushed himself he gets sore. All in all he has great improvement! -Laura

The following testimonials have been submitted by owners on behalf of their pets. Vet-Stem wants you to remember that similar to other treatment options, not all pets respond to Vet-Stem cell therapy.