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Zedd - arthritis from bilateral hip and elbow dysplasia

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Zedd has bilateral hip and elbow dysplasia, diagnosed at 11 months. Now he is four and has arthritis because of the dysplasia. When we decided to seek advice from our vet, Zedd had been on one pain killer daily for several weeks. He could not get up easily from a laying position, walked very gingerly, and with a very visible limp of the right rear leg. We had to lift Zedd into the back seat of the car. We tried a short ramp to help him in, but he would not try to use it.

Zedd improved immediately after the procedure! He is able to stand and walk without pain. He can go for walks longer and can get in and out of our car without us lifting him. He also has not had any pain medication since the stem cell therapy. He has so much energy and playfulness that just was not there before. We really can't say enough about how VetStem has improved our dogs everyday life. - Paula

The following testimonials have been submitted by owners on behalf of their pets. Vet-Stem wants you to remember that similar to other treatment options, not all pets respond to Vet-Stem cell therapy.