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Hiway is 11 years old. She had 'arthritis' so bad in her left hip and knee it was to the point I had to carry her outside at times, which was not easy considering her weight of 69 lbs.

I did some research and was not too happy with the odds of knee and hip replacement. So I continued to look for something to help her. I researched and talked to my vet about Vet-Stem. Everyone agreed Hiway was a good choice for stem cell therapy.

Hiway came through it like a trooper and showed signs of improvement within a week. She is like a little pup again. She can't wait to go outside and play with the other dogs, run and jump, and she is back to wanting to go for car rides again.

Vet-Stem gave me back my best friend and little girl. I will be forever grateful to Vet-Stem and my vet. It is a great feeling to see her running in the yard with her friends and be able to get up and down by herself again. -Kevin

The following testimonials have been submitted by owners on behalf of their pets. Vet-Stem wants you to remember that similar to other treatment options, not all pets respond to Vet-Stem cell therapy.