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Tide Rutledge

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Tide is a performance agility/sheep dog and runs with great gusto. Since 8 months of age Tide has had periodic lameness in his front left shoulder after agility and running. He had been examined by the best of the best, undergone many procedures: MRI, ultrasound, digital X-Rays, and last month, an exploratory arthroscopy. Tide did not have OCD but possibly may have a very old lesion with some arthritic change. At two years old, Tide's arthroscopy showed some arthritic changes and a divot in the glenoid. After consulting with Dr. Angela Spann at Lecanto Veterinary Hospital in Citrus County in Lecanto, Florida, we determined that Vet-Stem Cell Therapy would be a good treatment option for Tide. Tide had Vet-Stem Cell Therapy on 11/11/11 and is now in the recovery phase of his treatment. His recovery phase has been excellent. At five weeks post injection he had his first water treadmill session a total of 15 minutes with 1 minute breaks. His stride was perfect, gate on spot and no hitch seen whatsoever and no lameness after the session. He is a very happy border collie! I am thrilled with his progress. The best present came today watching my boy lame free! Tide is a brilliant dog with great potential and for me there was absolutely no short cuts for him, safe and effective treatment is the only choice. We have followed the rehabilitation schedule as written, we have even videotaped Tide doing his water therapy! He is still in the leash walk/jog portion of the program where he gets a 30 minute walk 3 times per day and then 5 minute jogs 1 time per day, with water treadmill when available. Vet-Stem Cell Therapy has Helped Tide So Much, Can't Wait To Keep You Updated! Val R., RN, CCMT, CVCP and Tide