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Talia and Tazer

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Tazer, who has osteoarthritis in both elbows, was in a lot of pain and discomfort. He would sleep all day, wouldn't even eat and lost 10lbs. in a month. His pain hit so fast. I took Tazer to Dr. Jason Pozzuoli at Animal Medical Clinic of Bountiful where we decided to treat with stem cells. Tazer had a complete turn-around after stem cell therapy. Even the next day he seemed to feel significantly better. I was really surprised. My dog that just slept all day was up greeting me at the door again every time I got home with a wagging tail and smile on his face. He was finally happy again. We joined a schutzhund club after his treatment and that definitely seems to be his calling. He is really excelling at the sport and impresses everyone with his talent and natural ability. Most of all he impresses me. It's so amazing for me to watch my dog. My dog that at 6 months ago couldn’t even stand up is running around, jumping and being just as active as every other dog at training. It’s so amazing to me and I owe it all to Dr. Pozzuoli and Vet-Stem