Dog & Cat Success Stories

Myrlene and Grace

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"We discovered that Grace had hip dysplasia at the age of 3. It was 3 years later, at the age of 6 that the dysplasia was beginning to interfere with her life. When we took Grace for an evaluation, we thought she might have hip replacement. Dr. Mike Hoelzler of Garden State Vet Hospital had just recently begun the stem cell procedure and said Grace was a good candidate. She did great with the surgery to harvest the cells. The injection caused stiffness and pain for a couple of days. And then she was off and running. That was 3 years ago. She is now 9 and a half and has had no further treatment. In a 12 month period of time I have given her maybe 5 Rimadyl, which we keep on hand just in case. She is a happy, gregarious dog who loves to take long walks, swim, sail, and meet new friends."