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Lindsey and Jackson

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Jackson was diagnosed with Osteochondrosis (OCD) at about 1yo of the front elbows. We used to walk him and often would sit down and not want to go. He developed a persistent limp and upon x-rays and his diagnosis, he underwent bilateral arthroscopies of his front elbows. The arthroscopies were in early July and the stem cell surgery was performed in mid August of the same year.

The first two days were pretty tough for Jackson as he was really sore, but he progressively improved. We underwent range of motion exercises with him. As the months progressed, Jackson continued to show magnificent signs of improvement as he was able to go on longer walks, swim and lead a more active lifestyle without limping. He acts like a normal dog - jumping in and out of the car, playing and running with other dogs, etc. and no longer has a limp. We are thrilled with his progress and believe that Vet-Stem Cell Therapy has truly impacted Jackson's quality of life!