Dog & Cat Success Stories

Tabitha & Graham Unterberger & Chester

Image of Dog & Cat

Chester was what veterinarians would call a lame dog. He had OCD in both elbows diagnosed at 8 months. Unfortunately, this disease is progressive. Improvement is expected with a treatment of medical and surgical management, but NOT normality because varying degrees of arthritic change already exist and will progress.

Chester was treated with one or more anti-inflammatory drugs once a day, plus something to protect his tummy from the medicine, as well as having the arthroscopic surgery in both elbows before he was a year old. Months after the surgery he was slow to get up and would often cry if we left him alone in a room. We knew he was still in pain.

At about 2 years old he had the stem cell treatment and he was back to his pre-diagnoses self!

Because Labs can act like puppies for a long time, he is now a big 100 lb baby and is full of energy . With the stem cell treatment Chester can again happily run and swim. He gets a walk to the park and to chase his ball daily. In the winter he goes with me to the beach and loves to body surf, something we used to have to moderate so he wouldn't get too sore. Since Vet-Stem's treatment Chester has been off all drugs too! It's truly amazing.

Although Chester is 4 years old now, it's fun to see our "puppy" running around and acting like the goofy Lab that he is.

Our family is truly grateful for the Vet-Stem treatments, it's been a little miracle for our family and for Chester!