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Tom & Linda Cattermole & Keno

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In March of 2006 my 5-year-old German Shepherd, Keno, blew his left ACL while swimming in the ocean. Ten days later he blew his right ACL while simply walking in for dinner. Since then he has had 6 knee operations in total; this gives you a good idea how badly his knees were pitted and riddled with arthritis. During this two year period Keno was on Metacam daily and occasionally either Tramadol or codeine, when he was having a painfully bad stretch.

Dr. Janice Crook got word of VetStem and decided to do her research. This research convinced both of us that it was worth a shot and on August 7th, 2008 Keno received his stem cell therapy.

It had been over two months since Keno walked on all four paws. Well, you can imagine everyone's surprise when 4 days after receiving his stem cells, that Keno started to walk with all paws on the ground. He started to manage coming up the stairs when called, and then even when he wasn't called.

Within two weeks Keno was back at K9H20 where Kendall DeMenech noticed he was making a much fuller motion with his back legs and because of his added mobility he was swimming much higher on the water and moving "Damn fast!"

As of November 2008 Keno has shown no signs of relapsing or stopping. He plays with his toys, jumps on the bed to watch late night TV with me and comes up and down the stairs any time he wants. As well, he is getting up from laying position much easier and doesn't stiffen up after his normal swims. And most importantly Keno is off ALL medications and back to being an oversized puppy again!

I have no idea what the future holds for Keno but in regards to VetStem my wife Linda and I couldn't be happier with the way we were treated or the results. And not a week goes by that I do not get a chance to tell people about Dr. Crook and VetStem.