Dog & Cat Success Stories

Douglas & Linda Avery & Buck

Image of Dog & Cat

Buck is a 4-year-old English Pointer, and is an active hunting dog. He has had knee problems from the beginning, and had TPLO surgeries on both knees (3 times each knee - he is quite an energetic dog, causing problems in healing post surgery).

We then discovered he was starting to have hip problems. Expecting to hear "anti-inflammatories and reduce physical activity for the rest of his life", we were almost too depressed to go in to see Dr. Marcus. When Dr. Marcus said that we now had an alternative, and that this was the first time he was able to offer some positive choice, we were all very excited.

We did the VetStem Cell Therapy on him in June - and Dr. Marcus decided to inject both his hips and both knees too. He has done incredibly well in this program - and he is running with more grace than he ever had. Now in October we have just finished a 3 week hunting trip in Montana and North Dakota, requiring extensive endurance, and he did just great! Never a limp or hitch. Our hope is that he will never require additional surgery, and it looks like this will certainly be the case!