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Brook - Bilateral cruciate ligaments/arthritis in knees

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Description: Brook tore both ACLs. The second time in her other knee I signed up to get the stem cell therapy done post-surgery. Comments: My dog Brook tore both of her ACL's. I wasn't aware of the stem cell therapy through the Vet I took her to for the surgery for the first knee injury, but a year or two later when she tore the other ACL I took her to a different Vet & they have a doctor on site Dr. Jeff Christiansen who is a big believer in Stem Cell Therapy. He advised me that the Stem Cell Therapy would not only help the healing of the situation post surgery but also help either prevent or reduce the amount of arthritis she'd get. So I opted for the injectable Stem Cell Therapy which they did at the conclusion of the surgery right in her knee area. She did seem to heal quicker than the first knee injury/recovery and there doesn't seem to be any major signs of arthritis (3 years later). Since then I've decided to continue to bank her stem cells for future use. Since that initial injectable Stem Cell Therapy she received at her second surgery I have opted for continued IV Stem Cell Therapy both this year and last year. The primary reasons for it is "maintenance", and that the stem cell will optimize her health in any way possible. This January it will be 11 yrs having Brook and she was roughly 2 or 2.5 yrs old when I adopted her. She's happy, healthy and still getting walked a mile or more a day. I appreciate the services that VetStem offers and highly recommend pet owners using their services that I believe are very reasonably priced and fair.