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Cherry Pie - Arthritis in Right Knee

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Description: Cherry Pie was hit by a car at 12 weeks of age, broke her right femur and near her right knee. Her knee never grew right and had gone through two knee surgeries and two rounds of stem cells with a different company that did things differently. We ran out stem cells after two treatments with the other company. Comments: VetStem therapy allowed Cherry Pie to be active without relying on anti inflammatory medications long term. Not only that she has a good quality of life, Cherry Pie came out of retirement and resumed obedience competition at 11 years of age. She finished her AKC Obedience Championship and was in the top 50 at the National Obedience Championships at the age of 12. She was also the very first cocker spaniel invited to the Westminster Master Obedience Invitational at the age of 13, securing her place as one of the greatest cockers in the breed history. Without VetStem, none of that was possible.