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Lucky - Puppy with Bilateral Elbow Dysplasia

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Description: 6 month old male chocolate Labrador retriever puppy was experiencing increasing lameness, unable to get up off the floor, limping just to get around the house, due to elbow dysplasia with fragments in his elbows. In order to give Lucky the best possible outcome, Dr. Tong recommended dual arthroscopic elbow surgery, in combination with stem cell therapy. Lucky was so young and still an actively growing puppy. It also saved us money to do both procedures at the same time, and limit the downtime for Lucky. Comments: After the surgery and stem cell therapy, right away you could tell the major source of pain was gone, simply by looking in his eyes. There was a pep in his step (even though he was in post-surgery recovery). 6 weeks later he was walking and jumping up on the couch (which he had never been able to do before). Now, 3 months later, Lucky is finally able to just be a puppy! Running around at the dog park with other dogs and his older brother Sunny, you can see the smile on his face and his excitement. Since this will be a lifelong condition to manage for Lucky, we are grateful to have stem cells banked for future treatments, to help him live a full life as long as possible, given his young age when this happened. Thank you for providing this option for our beloved Lucky.