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Lucy - Cruciate Ligament with Surgery

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Description: Our active 5 year old Golden Retriever started to limp on her left hind leg. After medication and many vet visits, we visited Dr Carlson. She stated Lucy needed TPLO surgery. She believed stem cells would be very beneficial. Lucy had her TPLO surgery in January 2023 and has rebounded fantastically. Her first exam 6 weeks post op was very good. She was back to normal and running around when she was cleared for full activity. They said that she had a 60% chance of needing the same surgery on her other hind leg. But at her final exam the Doctor said her chances of needing her other leg done went down to 40%. We are so happy our active beautiful girl is able to enjoy running and hiking. Comments:As written above, the stem cell injection allowed her to clear her 16 week appointment. She was allowed to again run jump and play. The vet thought the stem cell worked incredibly well with healing. Now almost a year later, she has no limp, no pain and able to do anything she wants.