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Cooper - Bilateral Elbow Dysplasia with Arthritis

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Description: Cooper had double elbow dysplasia since he was a puppy. We managed for years with various meds and supplements but back in May (he just turned 8 years old), he started limping pretty badly. That lasted for a month. That is when we decided to go ahead with the stem cells implant. Dr. Eich retrieved fat from his belly and then it was processed and implanted in his elbows. Comments: Few days after the procedure he was still limping but nothing after about a week. He has been limping free since June. We eliminated the NSAIDs after about a month and now he is only on various supplements and pain management like CBD oil, PEA, T-relief. He seems happy and thriving. We slowly increased our walks again and happy to report he can walk 3-4 miles a day without any consequence. He also loves going back to hiking. Stem cell therapy brought my happy boy back. Thank you. We have banked for 6 more treatments.