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Teddy - Severe Arthritis in Right Hip

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Description: Our dog Teddy is an 8-9 yr. old Chow Chow/Husky mix. He developed arthritis in his right hip and he was having horrible difficulty getting up from a down position. Hip replacement vs VetStem Cell Therapy was discussed. We chose the VetStem Cell Therapy as we felt recovery would be more expeditious and easier for his aging body. Comments: He had the VetStem Cell Therapy the week of May 15, 2023. It is now October 11, 2023, 5 months later, and he is doing extremely well! Remarkable recovery!! He runs, jumps and plays with our other dogs and can get up from a down position easily. He does every once in a while have a slight limp issue but only after playing or running way too hard. And, that is progressively getting better as well.