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Jake - Arthritis in elbows and spine

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Description: As a puppy (about a year old), Jake was diagnosed OCD in his left elbow and he had a surgery to correct it. The surgery was a success, but the end result was that the doctors suggested that arthritis would materialize in his elbow when he was 7-8 years old and sure enough, right before his eighth birthday, we started to see him limp after physical activity. Mild at first, but it grew in severity over his senior years. By the time he reached 13 years old, it was really hard for him to walk due to the arthritis pain in that left elbow. He also developed a couple of compressed discs in his lower back, possibly from shifting his weight due to the arthritis. The combination of these two things created severe challenges to his daily life. Comments: Jake received two doses of stem cells. It took a bit longer than the expected time frame of 1-3 months, but after about 5-6 months, we saw significant improvement in his mobility and reduction in his limping. Before the treatment, he could barely walk more than 10’-20’ before giving up and wanting to be carried back in. After the treatment and few months it took to take hold, he got back to 20+ minute walks around the neighborhood and seems close to back to normal for a dog of his age. We are grateful that the stem cell treatment brought our sweet old dog out of a life of pain and back to being a happy old man. Note: Pet owner received one free year of stem cell storage in exchange for their honest testimonial.