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Oliver - Bilateral elbow dysplasia

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Description: At 10 months old, Oliver began limping. Both of his forelegs have angular limb deformity, with signs of arthritis already present. Oliver's surgeon, Dr. Carlson, recommended stem cell harvesting along with a bilateral osteotomy to correct Oliver's elbow dysplasia. He had his first stem cell therapy two days after surgery in January, 2023. Comments: Now at nearly 1 and one-half years old, all his pain is gone, and he runs, fetches and plays with all size dog friends. He is so happy, and gets to enjoy his young dog-life now pain free! We are so glad we went with the doctor's recommendation. To see Oliver go from a slow, painful gait, to a vibrant energetic puppy is a wonderful gift! Note: Pet owner received one free year of stem cell storage in exchange for their honest testimonial.