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Sherlock - Elbow and Knee Arthritis, ACL Tears

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Description: Sherlock is a nearly 100 pound Staffordshire terrier/rottweiler mix - big bones, lots of muscle and an even bigger heart! His favorite activity (besides snuggling) has always been chasing his ball. Running, jumping, catching, running back for an excited return is something he would do to exhaustion. As he got older, he started slowing down in his ability but not in his desire. He would run until limping and that's when we found his arthritis in all four of his legs. We threw a little closer and a less often but tried not to take away the very thing he loves to do most. Then his acl snapped. During his acl repair surgery, we started our stem cell harvesting journey. Comments: A month after surgery, we did our first treatment in his joints and he soon he was prancing instead of walking again. Then the other acl snapped. This time, we were prepared with stem cells at the ready. We were able to do a stem cell injection in all four legs during his surgery on his second acl repair. His healing time went from six weeks to 3 1/2 weeks. He healed so quickly that it surprised everyone. He was 12 years old by this time and a full recovery seemed almost too hopeful to wish for, but instead we not only got a full recovery but a faster recovery than before. Sherlock is now 13 years old and we do not run and chase balls anymore, but we enjoy walks on the beach and lots of snuggles and I am so grateful that he is still here feeling good and enjoying life with me. Stem Cell therapy made an immense difference in his ability to live a high quality life in his older years. Note: Pet owner received one free year of stem cell storage in exchange for their honest testimonial.