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Jax - Hip Dysplasia

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Description: Jax as a puppy always seemed to be limping. At first we thought it was pano. As a side note Jax is a working EOD detection pup. Finally an X Ray revealed hip dysplasia in his right hip. I was devastated, Jax had become quite the working dog but now I was unsure of his future. Comments: I contacted Doc Christensen. Doc had fixed a previous working dog's knee until my dog retired. We discussed our options. Doc suggested stem cell replacement for Jax. We decided to go!... Jax is a year and a half and well to say he's a fantastic pup is an understatement. His limping is gone and he's a typical GSD. Thanks to Doc and Vetstem for bringing my pup back!! Note: Pet owner received one free year of stem cell storage in exchange for their honest testimonial.