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Nate - Partial Cruciate Ligament Tear and Mild Hip Arthritis

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Description: Left leg partial CCL tear. In January 2020 Nate starting limping and toe touching on left hind leg after running off leash. An orthopedic Vet took xrays and wanted to perform TPLO surgery immediately. I refused and researched other options which included stem cell therapy. After consult with Dr Clement, stem cell harvesting took place on feb 3 2020 and the stem cell injections 3 days later. Comments: After a month of short leash walks and then another 3 weeks of low key longer leash walks, Nate was running off leash again with zero issues! I would recommend this procedure to everyone! It was a life saver for my boy and I also have peace of mind knowing that his stem cells are banked and can be used throughout his lifetime. Thank you VetStem!