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Zoey Rose - Bilateral Hip Dysplasia/Osteoarthritis

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My Zoey Rose was shown to already have hip dysplasia at 6 months old. I harvested her stem cells at 8/9 months old, and have had them stored and frozen for her needs. I was told prior to speaking with my vet about stems cells that she would only be with my 1/2 her life. Zoey was injected twice up until about she was 2 years old. Not needing anything again until 9 years old. At this time I saw Zoey not taking the stairs and whining at the bottom. Ok that’s what we have them frozen for. :) This past Summer Zoey was injected for the third time in her life. I have no doubt this has made a healthy life for my best friend. You can see the improvement shaving years off your dogs life in the other direction. Giving back years actually! My Zoey still has doses left and evidently a way for them to replicate cells from a dose for that purpose. I am so thankful to be in today’s time where this has been available. Zoey would not have the quality or longevity of life without these beautiful stem cells. Note: Pet owner received one free year of stem cell storage in exchange for their honest testimonial.