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Belle - Partial Cruciate Ligament Tear and Osteoarthritis

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Belle was running and playing in the backyard and injured her right rear leg. After seeing her vet, she was diagnosed with a partial cruciate ligament tear and was showing significant arthritis in her rear right knee. Because her tear wasn’t significant enough for surgery and due to the presence of arthritis, our vet recommended stem cell therapy. Choosing to do stem cell therapy for Belle was the best choice we could’ve made. Within a few months of treatment and recovery, she was back to her old self running and playing and patrolling her kingdom. As a matter of fact,we elected to do stem cell therapy for her rear left knee as well due to arthritis and she is back to herself from that procedure as well. Stem cell therapy has been a true blessing for Belle. Her mobility is great and she is a happy girl getting to run, play and patrol her kingdom with her best friend Mojo. Note: Pet owner received one free year of stem cell storage in exchange for their honest testimonial.