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Trinity - Feline with Kidney Disease

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Description: kidney disease 2014- vomiting, not eating, lethargic, weakness, uninterested, hiding, high output urination, weight loss. Pancreatitis 2020- not eating, weight loss, lethargic, weakness, uninterested, hiding, hind leg weakness and inability to jump. Comments: My baby girl, Trinity, was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2014. I struggled with different vets to find a protocol and treatment that made her feel better but I was losing her fast. Her bloodwork continuously got worse, she wasn't eating and she was constantly vomiting and feeling sick. I found Dr. Cole and she recommended a protocol that at least slowed the progression of the disease: fluids, Cerenia, Mirtazapine, Famotidine, B-12 and Azodyl. Although I could tell Trinity started to feel a bit better, I could also tell that she wasn't going to make it unless there was another treatment. I researched and found information about stem cells and talked to Dr. Cole. She was nice enough to research it, go through training and invest resources from her practice into being able to provide this as an option for Trinity. I am forever grateful. Trinity had the surgery to harvest the stem cells and we injected them in 2 doses. We continued the treatment protocol she was on and tested her blood months later. The bloodwork showed no signs of kidney disease!??! I continued the treatment protocol and she remained healthy, started eating again and gained back all the weight she lost, plus more. In 2020, she was diagnosed with Pancreatitis and after the initial treatment didn't work, I decided to use her last dose of stem cells that I had banked all these years. She received them a month ago and seems to have perked up and started eating again. I'm praying my baby's bloodwork will be normal when we retest next month. I'm so thankful that I've been able to spend so many more years with Trinity. She is a continuous blessing in my life and as you can see from the picture, still shows up to work everyday at my home office. :-) Note: Pet owner received one free year of stem cell storage in exchange for their honest testimonial.