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Bailee - Intervertebral Disc Disease

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Neck spine injury from jumping off a deck only about 4 ft high. Poor dog screamed in pain. He was given medication, which knocked him out for 10 hours. Scared me to death. I slept on living room floor with him all night long. Took him to a different vet and they recommended stem cell therapy. This was the route we chose, and I am so grateful... I got my sweet furbaby back. Once the stem cells were given, within a week I noticed a huge difference in my dog. He was once again smiling, and out of pain. It has been 2.5 years since then, and Bailee is one happy pup, once again, and able to live many more years pain free. I am so grateful and would do again for any of my pets. Note: Pet owner received one free year of stem cell storage in exchange for their honest testimonial.