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Bogey - Bilateral Cruciate Ligament Tears and Arthritis in Left Hip

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Bogey is a 9-year old black lab and injured the ACLs in both of his back legs. He also has advanced arthritis in his left hip. He could barely walk and needed assistance getting into vehicles, up stairs, and onto his special spot on the couch. The first month after VetStem Cell Therapy was challenging. Bogey had to recover from the surgery and needed help and assistance. Slowly, he was able to do more and more without our help. Now, three months later, he is back to taking his regular walks and he has his energy and personality back. When he was first hurt, we were devastated that we would lose him. We didn't want to see him in so much pain. I'm relieved to say that the therapy has him back to his original self. I love having my walking buddy back.