Horse Success Stories

CP Merritt

Image of Horse

In late 2006, his owners noticed that Merritt, A National Champion purebred Arabian horse, was limping at the canter; then he began limping at the trot. It was determined that the cartilage in his right hind fetlock had disintegrated. Before stem cell therapy, he could only walk. They consulted Dr. John McCarroll of Equine Medical Associates in Pilot Point, Texas and he recommended the Vet-Stem therapy for Merritt. Dr. McCarroll did the procedure in August of 2007, after which his trainer slowly began getting Merritt back into condition. He has since recovered and has steadily regained strength. He began showing with Sylvia (shown riding here) in performance classes in 2008 and in 2009 placed TOP 10/19 in Purebred English Show Hack, 14-17, at Youth Nationals. He is now showing in English Show Hack and Dressage! CP Merritt continues to give all that he has and is never happier than when he is in the show arena. His owners consider him a MEDICAL MIRACLE! Vet-Stem Cell Therapy was the answer for Merritt.