Horse Success Stories


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At 17 years old, Cheyenne was still a huge part of my riding program. A favorite amongst my riding students and trail riding guests, Cheyenne was my “go to horse.” As soon as she tore her meniscus, she was in a lot of pain. One of her regular vets after diagnosing her told me I had some difficult decisions to make. I just couldn’t see putting down such a beautiful, healthy, strong horse. It was her original attending vet that asked me if I could give her a few days to do some research. Dr. Kelly Stoneburner is the one who found Dr. Scott Reiners. Dr. Reiners performs the stem cell therapy procedure and he happened to be less than an hour away. After meeting with Dr. Reiners, I knew this would work. And boy did it! Cheyenne is 20 years old and fit as a fiddle. It brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to see her canter in every night for her feed. She is happy and pain free. Thank you so much VetStem for your part in her recovery!