Horse Success Stories

Sonny Bar Lisa

Description: We discovered Sonny has torn his digital flexor tendon in 2010 after performing an MRI. he was lame on that foot for approx 2 months prior to that and we had done various other tests to find out what was wrong. i did some research into the injury and discovered stem cell may be an option. i talked to my vet and she agreed to try it! Comments: Sonny had the stem cell followed by PRP as a back up. it was flushed into the injury site via an IV flush. after the stem cell we had a treatment plan for 12 months slow rehabilitation. after 12 months he was 99% sound! we then did a treatment called tildren as he also had a small crack in the navicular bursar bone. after 3 further months he became 100% sound. initially we just did pleasure riding and trail riding but we have recently started retraining in dressage and he is now competing at introductory level classes locally! he is a very happy horse!