VetStem Platelet Therapy Kits

Platelet Therapy:

The principle is to accelerate lagging internal healing processes by amplifying the biological signals that would naturally occur when platelets aggregate at a site of injury. By concentrating platelets and releasing more of those growth factors than would naturally occur – the intended effect is to attract stem cells and stimulate local tissue repair processes.

Download our white paper on the many uses of platelet therapy in veterinary medicine

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PALL V‐PET™ Veterinary Platelet Enhancement Therapy

V‐PET™ is a regenerative medicine system, available to veterinarians nationwide through VetStem. This system provides a convenient means to concentrate platelets and their associated growth factors from an animal's own blood (10ml to 55ml) for use as platelet enhancement therapy.

  • Single use all‐inclusive kit
  • Closed sterile system (can be used in the surgery suite)
  • Gentle 3x‐7x* platelet concentration (gravity filtration based)
  • No centrifuge required (no capital equipment, "portable" system)
  • Supported by veterinary peer reviewed publications (JAVMA V-PET Abstract)

Using V‐PET™ a veterinarian can have an injectable platelet concentrate rich in biologically active cytokines and growth factors ready in about 30 minutes (from blood collection to in‐situ injections).

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* 3x concentration for standard 40lbs dog, up to 7x concentration for standard horse.

VetStem Genesis CS-2 Platelet Rich Plasma Kit

A Rich Source of Autologous Growth Factors and Bio-Scaffolding

  • Optimized for Equine Use. For veterinary use only
  • Qualified with equine blood (average 5.4x increase when 6cc of PRP obtained)
  • 60mls anticoagulated blood produces 6mls PRP
  • ACD anticoagulant included
  • Competitively priced
  • Fits into IRAP™ centrifuge - no adapter necessary
  • Autologous. Reduced risk of infectious disease transmission
  • Patient side treatment, quick and easy to prepare
  • Closed system, minimizes risk of contamination

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